Value Services & Service Commitment

EAI provides clients with a wide range of specialty services, including vapor barriers, coatings and waterproofing, as well as consulting, engineering, inspection, monitoring, remediation, abatement and related services. These services most often address environmental regulatory compliance. However, there are sound, market-driven reasons for property managers, real estate owners, businesses and others to secure EAI's environmental management services. In addition to helping our clients attain regulatory compliance; our environmental management services yield the following:

  • Improved risk-management practices and minimized liabilities
  • Safer working conditions and fewer on-the-job injuries and illnesses
  • Healthier employees and enhanced efficiency and productivity
  • Data for property acquisition, price negotiations and underwriting
  • Fixed-asset accounting and investor disclosure information management

EAI also provides services in community development, urban economics, brownfields development and project financing analysis.

Additionally, EAI's Construction Management Services Division addresses client needs in areas where real estate development, demolition and environmental factors converge. We can do so by installing coatings, vapor barriers, sub-slab venting and monitoring systems (SSVMS) and sub-slab depressurization systems (SSDS). EAI also provides excavation and concrete services and insight into numerous construction areas. EAI is certified by the NYC DOB for construction, inspection, concrete and demolition.

Our staff is committed to working with our clients to complete agreed upon work and provide quality installation. Our project management allows EAI to remain responsive to each of our clients' schedules and guarantees that the flow of business operations is uninterrupted during installation. At the end of the day, EAI believes our greatest asset is the ability to do a quality job at the fast pace that is needed in today's market.