EAI provides turnkey environmental services for public and private clients across the United States. Our extensive experience includes schools, residential, retail and industrial and commercial work. EAI has worked directly for large-scale developers, home-builders, government agencies, general contractors and architecture/engineering firms. We can provide you with design assistance, pricing and even budgetary cost estimates for your planning.

EAI is capable of designing and installing your venting and vapor barrier system. From fluid-applied vapor barriers such as Liquid Boot® or Aquafin Vaportight Coat SG2, to sheet waterproofing products, EAI can assist you from beginning to end with your environmental, coating and waterproofing needs.

EAI is a bondable, union contractor that has extensive experience working in New York City and surrounding regions.

  • CETCO Liquid Boot Installations
  • Vapor Barriers: Design & Installations
  • Sub-Slab Depressurization Systems: Design & Installations
  • Monitoring System Installations
  • Air Quality Monitoring Services
  • Community Air Monitoring Program (CAMP)
  • Asbestos & Lead Services
  • Tank Services
  • Contaminated Soil Disposal
  • Heating & Specialty Contracting Services
  • GRACE Waterproofing
  • Henry Air Barriers
  • Henry Waterproofing
  • Sandblasting
  • Remediation

No two jobs are the same, and conditions can vary from job to job. EAI will spend time on planning, training and execution which will likely result in a better job and a bigger profit. Click here to view our Projects.