Holland Tunnel Ventilation Towers

Jersey City, New Jersey and New York, New York
T. Moriarty & Son, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Lead-based Paint Removal, Asbestos Removal, Soot Removal, and Demolition
EAI has conducted comprehensive cleanup projects within the Holland Tunnel ventilation towers. The four towers are located on the Jersey City and Manhattan waterfronts and on piers on the Hudson River. This long-term, high-profile project is strictly regulated by parties on both sides of the river. In addition to the actual physical cleanup, EAI is responsible for navigating the myriad regulations associated with the project, including submitting and obtaining Port Authority permits, obtaining waste discharge permits and performing all waste disposal. Over 100,000 people travel through the Holland Tunnel daily. On completion, the Tunnel upgrade will have cost $70 million and will provide a cleaner and more efficient ventilation system.