Liquid Boot Vapor Barrier & Geovent Sub-Slab Venting

EAI is an approved installer of the Liquid Boot® vapor barrier and related products. Manufactured by CETCO, Liquid Boot is a cold, spray-applied, water-based membrane that contains no VOCs and provides a seamless barrier against vapor intrusion into structures. The product is used primarily on the redevelopment of brownfield or landfill sites to minimize the migration of harmful vapors and nuisance water (non-hydrostatic conditions) migration into a building. Liquid Boot is installed under slab and on below grade vertical walls as a gas vapor barrier. It is a two-part system that creates a monolithic membrane on the foundation walls and/or underneath the slab of new or existing buildings.

Liquid Boot, because it is spray-applied, seals the penetrations easily and without mechanical fastenings required of sheet products. The membrane will also adhere to the underside of the slab.

EAI has installed Liquid Boot at numerous sites in the last decade including, but not limited to the following:
  • Bayonne Crossing: Multiple Stores
  • Red Bull Stadium: Harrison, New Jersey
  • Queens Vocational School Addition
  • High School of Architecture & Urban Planning
  • First Ave School: Newark, New Jersey
  • JP Morgan Chase Branches: New Jersey and New York
  • Lowe’s: Paterson, New Jersey
  • Searview Square Mall: Ocean Township, New Jersey
  • Siemens Neptune Converter Station: Long Island (Hicksville), New York
  • Centex Homes: Secaucus, New Jersey
  • Numerous NYC Public Schools
  • Home Depot: Bronx, New Jersey

EAI has in-house construction crews that provide the installation of the product on any site.

In addition to the installation, EAI can also supply the design for a fee, or assist environmental engineers with a design for the vapor barrier and sub-slab venting.

EAI Installs Liquid Boot at a Residential Site, New Jersey.

In addition to Liquid Boot, CETCO also supplies GeoVent, a low-profile, trenchless gas collection and venting system designed to improve venting efficiency and reduce installation costs. GeoVent can be used as an “Active” or “Passive” venting system, depending on the specific project. GeoVent is a flat panel that is 12 inches wide and placed a sub-slab below the vapor barrier. GeoVent serves the same purpose as perforated PVC pipe underneath the slab, by providing permeability to collect gasses and help vent them to an exterior vent riser.

GeoVent is typically less expensive than PVC Schedule 40 and 80, as well as galvanized steel piping. It also requires less trenching than pipe, and can be placed in the stone/gravel sub-base or even in earth.

Liquid Boot GeoVent System Diagram