Venting & Monitoring Systems

EAI has installed GeoVent as well as traditional sub-slab pipe venting systems on numerous sites. In addition, EAI has also installed various monitoring systems for sites.

Venting – EAI has installed GeoVent, Schedule 40 and 80 PVC, as well as galvanized steel for a variety of sites. This includes the following:
  • Siemens Neptune Converter Station, Long Island, New York: GeoVent
  • Lowe’s in Paterson, New Jersey: GeoVent and PVC Pipe, including vent risers
  • Queens Gateway School: Schedule 80 PVC
  • Various other Sites

EAI is also able to furnish and install the aggregate 3/4" gravel or other stone on sites. Otherwise, EAI can provide excavation through the stone placed by others.

EAI can also furnish and install blowers to provide an active sub-slab vent system on site. Typical blowers are designed to provide the appropriate amount of air suction for the site, and are usually placed on the roof of the building. EAI can price out and install any and all blowers and vent systems. Please call to discuss your project.

EAI forman installs venting pipe into the subgrade at Lowe's in Paterson, New Jersey.

Monitoring Systems – EAI can install various monitoring systems for brownfield and landfill redevelopment. This includes single-point sampling as well as multiple IR (infrared) sensors wired to a main terminal. Monitoring systems are an additional mechanism used on site to determine the levels of certain vapors or gasses throughout the building or beneath the slab. Often if the monitoring system shows high levels, it will activate the blowers or active ventilation system for the building.

There is little standardization in the design of monitoring systems from one project to another. Environmental engineers choose products and configurations based on the site conditions, contaminants of concern and their levels (i.e. Methane vs. Benzene), as well as local government regulations. EAI has installed various monitoring systems such as the following:

  • Lowe’s Paterson, New Jersey: This site was a former chemical manufacturing facility. EAI connected up the existing wells on site using the FLUTe well system, which utilizes HDPE pipe connected up to the exterior monitoring room for the building.
  • Fraternity Meadows Residential Development, NJ: EAI installed multiple runs of 3/8 inch reinforced nylon tubing on top of the membrane. This involved 61 sensor points that were connected to the main terminal with two computers.

3/8 inch nylon reinforced tubing installed over the vapor barrier.

Nylon tubing was connected to MSA computerized monitoring systems in a central monitoring room.